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Afbeeldingen worden geladen...

At Snoekdogs, Leonie provides customized guidance, training and education for dog and it's owner. Leonie lovingly shares her knowledge and vision with people who experience the same passion for dogs as she does. Every dog, every person and every situation is unique. The dog's body plays a major role in how it behaves and develops, everything is connected. These are the core values that Leonie acts upon in every journey.

These core values are clearly reflected in the branding of Snoekdogs. The connection between dog and owner cannot be seen separately and the logo emphasizes the dog's senses. Having a dog means working together with your dog for the happiest possible life.

Designed for Snoekdogs:
Logo, sublogo, 10 illustrations, websitebanner & pattern.

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2023 © Copyright Ingrid Wuyster. Website: Studio Above | Photo's: Aline Bouma & Hanke Arkenbout

2022 © Copyright Ingrid Wuyster.
Website: Studio Above
Foto's: Aline Bouma & Hanke Arkenbout