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Personal illustrations for the key moments in your life.

We like to share the most important moments in our lives with our loved ones.
What better way to invite them or spread fine news, than with a card?
I personally love to find paper invitations, moving cards and birth announcements in the mailbox. Especially if they tell a personal story, are recognizable and really fit those who sent them.

I love to bring your key moments to life in a personal, one-of-a-kind illustration, so you can cherish that memory forever.

THAT WOULD BE so great!

What you need to know in advance

Birth announcements and wedding stationery are the most personal illustrations you will design in your lifetime. Each design is one-of-a-kind, full of small, personal details and handmade textures that you can almost feel through the paper. I love bringing small and big stories together on one piece of paper. The best compliment: family and friends often recognize the senders of the card even before they see the name. For assignments like this, the demand is high so I can only take on a limited number of custom orders. But put my heart into every design. Therefore, contact me well in advance if you would like a card made by me. In the meantime, read through the specifications and frequently asked questions below. Do you have any questions? Read the F.A.Q. below or send an e-mail.

With love and attention I will create a unique card or complete stationery set to enhance and cherish this special moment in your life. I take care of the personalized design up to the printed card delivered to your doorstep. Choose a card that totally fits your pesonality and/or family!

Other custom projects

View projects that I have been privileged to create for others.

A custom card - options & costs

If you choose a custom card, you allow me to bring your story to life in the most personal and playful way. It will become a loving, lasting memory. I'm also happy to take care of additional items and printing.

Design costs:
* A custom card excl. familyportrait starts at: € 335,- (incl. VAT & excl. printing costs)
* A custom card incl. familyportrait starts at: € 425,- (incl. VAT & excl. printing costs)

Price includes: 
- A questionnaire on your story, wishes and ideas
- Custom illustrations and design, including typography
- A6, A5 or square (15x15 cm) sized card, folded or unfolded
(other formats, die-cuts and folds possible)
- Sketch proposal + correction round
- Full-color proposal + correction round
- Free paper sample pack
- Free printproof (for a regular card)
- Deliver it to the printers, print ready

In a quotation, I list the total cost for your card proejct. Your custom card(s) can be complemented with matching envelopes, closure stickers, personalized stamps, a poster print or perhaps you would like to have an entire stationery set made. Are you curious about the options?


Anna & Marc

Ingrid's sharp eye, beautiful illustrations and patience for what we were looking for each time was ace! Very special to witness the proces and how Ingrid understands so well what it's all about. We are very happy with our unique birth announcement card.

custom cards

Iris & Jan

The collaboration for our birthcard was incredibly nice and open. Ingrid listens sincerely and translates the things that are important into heartwarming, colorful drawings with crisp details. When we got our hands on the printed color version we were deeply impressed!

BIRGIT & Vincent (Belgium)

We live in Belgium and did not hesitate and contacted her. Ingrid has a beautiful drawing style with colorful details, her style was exactly what we were looking for. She creates the most beautiful images and we received many positive comments on the amazing design!

What other clients say

The design process:

  • Tell me all about your wishes and ideas for the card. With your input, I can make the design as personalized as possible.
  • After your request, you will receive a questionnaire in which I summarize the most important info. In this questionnaire you fill in the practical and technical information about the card, which are necessary to determine the total cost. Think of format, numbers and additional options. You can also note your wishes for the card. 
  • I create a custom quote and after approval, I work on the sketch proposal. I create a line drawing highlighting all the personal elements. I also create the design for the card including text, followed by a round of feedback.
  • After the feedback is processed and I work out the illustration in color. Now the illustration really comes to life! You can give your feedback and when you are totally happy with the design, I will have a proof made for you to check in real life, exciting!
  • While you wait for the cards to be sent out, we can order envelopes, stickers and/or stamps. These can be delivered in advance so you can prepare this.
  • Now it's time to get the card printed! Delivery depends where you live (shipping in NL/BE is 2/3 work days). The cards will send directly from the printer to your address. 
  • For birth announcements, my goal is to have the card ready at least one month before the due date. For wedding stationery it will be quicker, depending on the time frame you have set for your wedding.
  • I am curious on what you would like to create! 

send an e-mail


Would you like to collaborate on a custom card? Please read the F.A.Q. below first, maybe the answer to your question is already there!

The sooner you contact me, the more likely I can customize a card for you. At the moment it would be great if you contact me at least 3 to 4 months before. The sooner you get in touch, the more likely I can take on your project.

On average, the lead time for creating a birth announcement is about 4 weeks.
For wedding stationery, the lead time may be longer, depending on the number of items to be designed.
I need this lead time for research, the sketch proposal, feedback, correction rounds and getting the files ready for printing. The total lead time depends on the size and progress of the job and the progress of any correction rounds. In a quotation I will make a rough planning of the lead time for your project.

Feel free to send me an e-mail and I'll see what I can do within your budget. I like to think along with you!

The cost of a custom card depends on your requirements. Above you will find a 'starting' price and indication for the design costs (excluding printing) for a card without a family portrait. Based on your wishes, I will gladly make you a custom quote. In a quote I calculate the total costs, including printing costs and costs for additional items. This gives you an immediate insight into the costs, specifications and conditions.

The printer usually prints per 25 pieces. So you can order cards by 25, 50, 75, 100 and so on. In general, the more cards you order, the cheaper the unit price becomes. If you want to order a specific number of cards, this is possible, let me know and I will request a quotation from the printer.

Yes! The possibilities are endless ;-) In terms of folding (hatch fold, harmonica fold), in terms of die-cuts (round, square, oval, sloping) and in terms of finishing (for example, a gold or silver foil). Even rounded corners are possible in some cases! Do you have a specific idea for the card? I like to think along with you

I am a real "paperlover" and like to work with the most beautiful papers. You can choose between 7 different types paper:
4 standard papers and 3 luxury papers. I have a sample pack available that I will send to you for free. You can keep these paper samples and use them as cards, gift tags or to hang on your wall. A gift from me to you!
Are you looking for a specific type of paper, please let me know.

The information for the birth announcement card is completely up to you, choose what suits you! Things to think of: name or names, date of birth, poem/text, height, weight, gift tip, contact information, visiting information etc. Please send me all text information in advance via email.

Sure! You can pass this on together with the date of birth and any birth details once the baby is born. I do like to receive the number of letters, the total number of names or a 'working title' in advance, so I can take this into account during the design process for the composition. This is to avoid that the name does not fit in the end or that more work has to be done. Of course I treat all information confidentially.

You can always send me an email. If I have room in my work schedule at that moment, it might be possible to start immediately. If I am fully booked at that time, I will try to work with you to find a suitable design or alternative.

By default, I include my name and/or website on the design. Of course I will do this in a subtle way and you agree to this once on the final design is presented. It is possible to have my name mention removed for an additional charge of € 45,00 (incl. VAT).

You certainly can. If you wish, you will receive one standard proof free of charge. For print proofs with special finishes (foil printing, special die cuts or folds) you pay an additional charge.

If you wish to order any of these items please indicate this in advance, I will be happy to calculate the cost for you.
Envelopes (color, white or kraft) can be ordered in advance (I have samples to choose from) and will be delivered to your home within 1 working day (abroad might take longer). I cannot take care of addressing the envelopes. Stickers and stamps with a detail from the illustration can be ordered as soon as the design is finished.

Printed items are usually delivered within 2 business days of the order for NL/BE (if you live abroad it might take longer!). If you have special finishes such as foil printing or a die cut, this can add additional production time of at least 1 day. I will keep you informed about the production and shipping process.

PostNL (Dutch postal company) charges 1 stamp per 20 grams of weight in the envelope in the Netherlands. A double A6 card, square card and a single A5 card could just be sent with 1 stamp. If you want to be sure for different country, I can always check and let you know it advance.


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2023 © Copyright Ingrid Wuyster. Website: Studio Above | Photo's: Aline Bouma & Hanke Arkenbout

2022 © Copyright Ingrid Wuyster.
Website: Studio Above
Foto's: Aline Bouma & Hanke Arkenbout