Your business, brand or product
is ready to capture the hearts of your customers with a creative branding.

A creative branding for your company or product: it's much more than just a logo.

Have you just started your business, launched a fun new project or product that needs its own corporate identity, or are you looking to re-brand? I would love to help you get a logo and branding that fits you like a glove.

With your branding, you tell your story in a way that suits you completely. It is the basis from which your company grows. It shows others at a simple glance what your company stands for and it also increases your visibility and recognizability. What you want to convey is important because every shape, color and letter brings a different look and feel. Do you already know what you stand for?

More than just a logo
Good branding doesn't stop with the creation of a logo. I like to think along with you about all the branding items you need, from packaging labels to other printed materials. I take care of your branding from start to finish.

I don't do clean, corporate styles. The brandings I develop always have an illustrative touch. They are just that bit different to make your company or brand stand out. Like my drawings, they are cheerful, quirky and with my signature drawing style. And you? You are a fresh entrepreneur who is open to a whole lot of creativity.

that's exactly what i need!

What is a branding exactly?

To design a branding that fits you like a glove, we will work together on your story. We research want you want to portray, what your mission is and which target group you want to address. We will dive into your story and step by step design a visual identity that fits.
I take you on a design journey and with your feedback, a branding is created that will capture the hearts of your ideal client.
We essentially design at a visual brand image, logo, color palette, fonts and sub-logos. From there, anything is possible: packaging design, icons, illustrative elements on your website or brochures, designing promotional materials or images for social media.
I'm happy to help you design the overall picture to perfection.

  • Tell me all about your company and/or product. I am curious to know the face and story behind your idea.
  • I ask lots of questions and help you get started with a personal questionnaire. You get started with the questionnaire and collecting inspiration for your brand.
  • When I have received all the info, I'm going to research the subject/project. Did I mention that I am very curious by nature? I dive into the subject, get to the core and take away what inspires me for your brand.
  • I establish core values that fit your business or product and create a moodboard focusing on feel, typography and color. I also create a matching color palette.
  • When this is completely in line with your wishes I work on concept proposals.
  • You will receive up to 3 different concept proposals. You will get a chance to give feedback after which I will refine the designs.
  • Several design steps follow to determine the main logo,
    sub-logos, fonts, final color palette and design proposals for any other expressions.
  • When you are completely happy with the design, you will receive a complete branding set consisting of all files suitable for web & print, color codes, printed matter taken care of and a full identity guide on the application of your branding.
  • Are you curious on how we can design something beautiful for your project together?

How does the design process work?

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Brandings created for others

View complete creatieve brandings I got to create for previous clients.

What does a Basic Branding package include?

Your business, brand or product is ready to grow with a bold visual branding that conveys your story.
We can make that happen together! You'll get a complete branding starter kit that will get you started. I'm also happy to help you with your print materials.

- A questionnaire on your brand story
- A look & feel moodboard + appropriate color palette
- A maximum of 3 concept proposals for the primary logo
- One detailed primary logo, secondary logo and sublogo
- Up to 4 correction rounds
- Typographic proposal
- Favicon for your website
- A complete branding document + JPG/PNG/EPS files (if possible: incl. vector)

A branding package starts from: € 1065,- (excl. VAT if applicable and/or additional fees)

This basic branding package can be supplemented with any corporate identity items your company, brand or product needs. Want to know more about the total cost of your branding project? In a customized quote you will receive all the information.

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Leonie - Snoekdogs

With her professional eye, Ingrid was able to properly assess what fit me and my business. Due to good communication and clear design steps made me feel involved in the process and you see the branding come to life. The end result feels absolutely right to me.


Lieselotte - Acta Fabula Est

Ingrid's style suited me perfectly and I couldn't wait to get started. I did not immediately have an idea of what I wanted but after an extensive brainstorming there was a clear plan. The collaboration went very smoothly and I am in love with the color palette we put together!

Cornelia - cee zorgt

Ingrid does thorough research work, makes clear choices and her design vision provides a surprising perspective. I can recommend this process to everyone.
My corporate identity has become a refreshing and harmonious whole!

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2023 © Copyright Ingrid Wuyster. Website: Studio Above | Photo's: Aline Bouma & Hanke Arkenbout

2022 © Copyright Ingrid Wuyster.
Website: Studio Above
Foto's: Aline Bouma & Hanke Arkenbout