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Hi there! I'm Ingrid and I love to bring together textures, colors and tiny happy things on paper. For me, creating an illustration can start with something as simple as a beautiful leaf or an interesting shape I find in nature, a funny character I meet on a walk or a spontaneity in one of my pencil scribbles. Bringing a story to life in to detail is what I love most. My illustrations arise from different layers that I create into one while playing.

I love to surround myself with nature and greens, from the begonia houseplant that grew bigger than myself to the birds and plants in my city garden. Cozy in my favorite granny knit cardigan, bird scope and ankle boots, I like to step out into nature. In my work (and life) I feel guided by the seasons, of which autumn is my favorite.

I love putting the cherry on top of something. Wrapping a gift for a friend, creating a small corner in the house or garden, and of course, the illustrations on my work table. No matter how small or big: I make sure it is finished to perfection. I did the same as a child: creating bookcovers to my reports at school, labels for jars of homemade perfume and, of course, a magazine for my friends' pony club. It always itches to create and everything comes together for me to that core: creating and designing.

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Teken-ing = Ingrid Wuyster

You may know my work under the name 'Teken-ing'. Ever since my studies in graphic design and illustration at art school, I started freelancing as an illustrator under this name. In these years with many freelance jobs, I was able to delve into different techniques. I learned to think conceptually, could experiment with idea development and got the hang of how to translate communication into catchy images. By listening attentively, exploring the subject in depth but also getting to know the client and target group, I now know exactly how to start an assignment.

Grateful for what this time has brought me, it is now time to continue to grow with my freelance work under my own name.
A different name but the same lighthearted and heartwarming illustrations and designs! 

Handmade and heartwarming

You might recognize my work by now because of it's warm color palette, the layering and handmade look, or the animals, flowers and plants that populate my illustrations? I may have grown up under the smoke of Rotterdam, but nature inspires me in everything I do. The little happinesses I see every day all end up in my work.

In doing so, it first has a way to go. Before I start an assignment, I research a subject all the way until I get to its core. From there I can then start to tell the story visually. Fortunately, background research fits perfectly with my inner curiosity. When I get into the drawing, I first work out each element by hand in paint, ink and pencil, after which I begin to build the illustration.

Working with analog materials allows for casualness: I can start drawing spontaneously before it all ends up on a screen. I play with composition, look at directions and add white space. I choose colors that convey the right feeling and fit the whole.

Thus I combine handwork - its textures and authentic colors - with digital techniques to achieve an end result that feels right. That detailing and play of different layers make my illustrations unique. Each dot or stripe is in just the right place for me. To me each illustration is a story, in which mini-stories are being told. You can keep looking and discover surprising details, little jokes and quirky characters. Curious on how we can create illustrations together?

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2023 © Copyright Ingrid Wuyster. Website: Studio Above | Photo's: Aline Bouma & Hanke Arkenbout

2022 © Copyright Ingrid Wuyster.
Website: Studio Above
Foto's: Aline Bouma & Hanke Arkenbout