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Whether it is a book cover, an article in a magazine, wrapping paper or other (lifestyle) products: with an illustration you make it lighthearted and more attractive. An illustration in a manual, article or book also helps your reader understand your message. Illustrations make your content pop! Communicating a story through the combination of strong design including striking images: that makes my designer's heart jump for joy.

My illustrations are widely applicable, catch the eye of anyone young at heart and fit well with themes such as flora and fauna, food, sustainability, seasonal life, environment, travel and education. This is reflected in my portfolio. But whatever the subject, I dive into it with all the curiosity that is inside me. That is how I find just the right angle that makes the product stand out.

I'd like to work together!

Client cases

Curious on how an illustration can work for you? These illustrations found their home in a variety of products.

Starting from a briefing, I move along with your project.
I illustrate the image that makes your product unique. I enjoy thinking about the content from the start and share my expertise with you in my design steps. Processing a product develop, illustrating, connecting it to the right target group or message and finally find it on the shelves: seeing the project grow from start to finish, is the most fun to me. 

I've already worked on stationery, wrapping paper, illustrations in various magazines, you name it. I myself am more likely to pick a product off the shelf that is well designed and has tactile illustrations and clear typography. I find it amazing that you can combine imagery with a beautifully designed product to leave a lasting impression in other people's lives and homes. Especially if it is a durable product that you can enjoy for years to come.

Your product, my illustrations

  • Tell me all about the ideas for your publication or product. I like to receive the detailed briefing so I can explore. I ask questions, dive into the subject, get to the heart of the matter and take on what inspires me.
  • Taking the briefing and target audience into account, I create an appropriate concept proposal. In several rounds of feedback, we refine the composition and sketch into a final design.
  • I process the adjustments and get to work on fleshing out the design in color. Another round of feedback follows.
  • If necessary, I create the design outline and take care of text placement. We refine the overall picture until the illustration completely matches what you want to convey.
  • You can work with me on: (picture) books, magazines, educational projects, packaging design for your product, (book)covers, stationery items and so much more.
  • Every illustration project is different and includes different facets. In a custom quote you will receive all the information. Curious about what I can draw for you?

How does the design process work?

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Rebecca - papyrus (USA)

We are deeply impressed by Ingrid's beautifully detailed illustrations. We loved working with her so much that we asked her to do multiple projects for our brand. Ingrid is very coorporative, she gives valid input and works with sheer passion and precision. 


Sander - Op het leven magazine

Ingrid knows how to translate her illustration handwriting well to the target audience and bends with the process. She listens sincerely and very precisely adapts her work to a good final product. Her illustrations have given the magazine a unique look and feel.

juliëtte - back for good

Working with Ingrid is a treat! She is enthusiastic and comes up with nice suggestions. With possible adjustments, she delivers an appropriate design. The process runs smoothly because Ingrid is a good listener and is open to feedback. Very happy with the end result.

What other clients say

My work definitely has something cute about it, but I don't do solely superficial positivity. I sincerely want to bring a hopeful message and do not shy away from heavy themes in my work.
By putting a twist or witticism into an illustration, I hope to warm the heart and bring some levity into your day.

I really like social and sustainable projects, where I can contribute to a more beautiful world with my work. I dream of developing a complete and green product line or illustrating an educational book about nature or the climate. Moreover, my attention for nature does not stop at drawing cute plants and special animals. I also always look for sustainable materials and techniques in a project. So I can definitely advise you on this, because I believe that you are also willing to contribute to a more beautiful world, right?

Do you feel the same way? Share your idea in the contact form below and let's find out what I can do for you.

For a more beautiful world, in every possible way.


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2023 © Copyright Ingrid Wuyster. Website: Studio Above | Photo's: Aline Bouma & Hanke Arkenbout

2022 © Copyright Ingrid Wuyster.
Website: Studio Above
Foto's: Aline Bouma & Hanke Arkenbout