Doosje Vol Geluk

Afbeeldingen worden geladen...

Logo design and accompanying illustrations for project 'Doosje Vol Geluk' (box of happiness). Developed by creative and social communication agency Back For Good. Juliëtte de Wette originated this project to make the connection between the elderly and society, focusing on citizenship and sustainability.

This project is used in high schools, elementary schools and child care organizations. Young children and teenagers come up with the most creative works to put in the boxes. These are then given to healthcare organizations to give someone a heart to heart. A social project to connect and combat loneliness. This involves using various cardboard and plastic boxes that have been rejected and would otherwise be destroyed. For this project I designed the logo and illustrations.

Producer: Back For Good 
Photography prototype: Coen van den Broek 

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2023 © Copyright Ingrid Wuyster. Website: Studio Above | Photo's: Aline Bouma & Hanke Arkenbout

2022 © Copyright Ingrid Wuyster.
Website: Studio Above
Foto's: Aline Bouma & Hanke Arkenbout